The Height of the Mattress and the Essential Options

The height of the mattress is an important parameter to consider; if the mattress is too thin it will not have enough space in its interior to accommodate an adequate structure to ensure a comfortable sleep. Usually the mattresses with a height between 23 and 30 cm are the best but also those with a thickness of about 21 are very comfortable. Based on the weight of the user and the material that composes the mattress itself, it will be necessary to ensure that the height is suitable and that it allows supporting the user correctly without deforming with wear. In general, if a very high mattress does not create particular problems or discomfort in use, one too thin can instead be uncomfortable and unhealthy, causing more easily muscle, cervical and joint pains (especially if it is the mattress on which you sleep daily)

A square and a half: to be a little ‘more comfortable when you are alone (or tight in two!), this mattress is a bit’ wider than a single one and provides 120 cm wide and about 190 in length

To the French: it is a “special” format that provides 140 cm in width and always around 190 in length and is a less common variant on the market

Tailor-made mattresses: for those with special needs, it is also possible to produce a mattress with the desired dimensions

In general, in addition to considering the space available at home, their needs and the number of users who must sleep on the mattress, it is important to consider that the size of their product must adapt perfectly to the network, without being smaller or exceeding it, in so as not to affect comfort. Columbus Day mattress sale is the best for exploring some of the best bed deals online.

Adapting to the shape of your body, the memory foam reduces pressure points allowing a reduction of pain in the joints, such as the shoulders or the lumbar spine, or pain related to fibromyalgia. The memory foam mattresses also dampen the movements so if you sleep with a partner, you will not be bothered by his movements at night.